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If you are not buying your lot with cash you'll need a bank or financial institution to help you finance the purchase of a lot within this community.


There are a couple of ways to do this. 



You can visit you primary bank or others with the objective of determining what you are qualified for at that institution. You can ask to speak to a lender so your'e directed to the right person. 

For this meeting you should have;

Job Letter 

List of monthly expenses 

Supporting documents for any income outside of your full-tim job.

Self-employed Persons should have;

Bank Statement 

List of monthly expenses 

2. Broker

A mortgage broker is paid by financial institutions to bring them new clients,

this means their service to you is free.


Working with a broker reduces the amount of work you have to do. They will be able to give a preliminary qualification over the phone and can support that verification when provided the documents noted above.


In addition this help their clients get the best mortgage rates by working with a number of institutions. 


Our agency 1 OAK Bahamas has an in house broker Keith Albury who'll be glad to help you determine what you are qualified for. 


Keith Albury 


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