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Download and Fill Lot Application in it's entirety 

Serviced Lot Application

After Completed send the following in an email to

Lot Application

Passport (copy)

NIB Card (copy)

Pre-approval Letter (a mortgage broker can provide this)

Need help call Matt Sweeting at 808-6868

For more information please contact 

Any of the offices listed below between the hours of 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday, except public holidays.

New Providence
Department of Housing
Charlotte House
Corner of Charlotte and Shirley Streets
PO Box N275
Nassau, New Providence
The Bahamas
Tel. (242) 302-5800
Fax.242) 328-4244

Grand Bahama
Government Office Complex
The Mall Drive
PO Box F43774
Freeport Grand Bahama
The Bahamas
Tel. (242) 352-3630 / 3893
Fax.(242) 352-9244

Dove Plaza
Marsh Harbour
PO Box AB20050
The Bahamas
Tel. (242) 367-2157
Fax.(242) 367-2150

Family Island Administrator Offices