Bahamian Women in Real Estate - Phillice Russell

For International Women's Day, I wrote a post highlighting some women in real estate who I find inspiring. As a woman new to the Bahamian real estate industry myself, though, I wanted to continue recognizing some women specifically within the country making strides and inspiring more of us everyday. So for the remainder of Women's History Month, I'll be putting the spotlight on Bahamian women who are making major moves. This week in my Bahamian Women in Real Estate Series for Women’s History Month, I’m focusing on Phillice Russell and her advice to others.

Phillice is a real estate agent at Best Realty and active church member at Love Worth Finding Ministries who prides herself on her both professional and Christ-like values: honesty, trustworthiness and kindness. She is passionate about continuing education, with an associate’s degree in General Studies, Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice and several real estate certificates obtained in Nevada, Rhode Island, Florida and Texas. Clearly when it comes to interests, real estate, reading and travel are at the top of her list.

When it comes to giving real estate advice, here’s what Phillice had to say:

  1. You’ve been named as Best Realty’s top selling and listing agent in 2020. What advice would you give to others who seek to achieve the same goal?

It was such an honor to be acknowledged as the Top Selling and Listing Agent at Best Realty. It truly took a lot of hard work and dedication. My advice for anyone seeking this position is to practice professionalism at all times and treat everyone with respect.

2. What do you consider to be the most important quality to have as a real estate agent?

I believe the most important quality to have as a real agent is to be kind to everyone you meet and always practice integrity.

3. In 2021, you assisted with a huge commercial sale that closed at 2 million dollars. What would you say was a crucial aspect in you reaching this milestone?

I truly believe that determination was my biggest asset in this milestone. I would encourage anyone desiring to achieve this goal to persevere through any obstacles they may face.

4. How does your thirst for knowledge come into play with your real estate activity?

My thirst for knowledge is everything! I love learning and it helps me to improve in every aspect of my life. Agents should always practice learning new things because that is the key to success.

Phillice's words show just how important it is to have strong values in this industry. At 1 OAK, our agents not only hold strong to our own values, but we also acknowledge and appreciate the work put in by all professionals like Phillice who have helped to make the Bahamian industry as remarkable as it is today. We can all learn a little from each other and even in a competitive industry, teamwork makes the dream work!

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