Becoming a Real Estate Agent in 2022

So it’s official: as of 2022, I’m ecstatic to finally announce that I’m now a licensed real estate agent in The Bahamas. Which means you can come to me for assistance with buying, selling or renting properties. In my apprenticeship prior to getting licensed, I was fortunate enough to assist with some great transactions which landed clients in new spaces whether for themselves to call home or to establish their businesses, so I look forward to working on many more for my clients in the years to come.

Since getting my license, I’ve had many questions come through from others who are interested in the same, inquiring about the process. So for those who want to know what really goes into it, here are 4 steps to becoming a real estate agent in 2022:

  1. Apprenticeship

The apprenticeship period should last a minimum of 3 months before being eligible to register for the Real Estate Entry Exam. In this period, an apprentice can assist with gathering market information for analyses, helping at open houses, key-cutting, assisting with marketing material etc. This is the time for familiarizing with the industry. To start an apprenticeship, interested candidates can apply to different agencies who may be in-taking apprentices at the time.

2. Real Estate Entry Exam

Here comes what I found to be the harder part: the exam. The entry course is an intense one-week course with class from 9-5 daily. At the end of that week, there's a multiple choice exam with a relatively high passing mark The catch with the real estate entry course and exam is that it’s currently only held twice per year, and spaces are limited for each course. Although I passed on my first attempt, it took about a year from when I started the apprenticeship stage until I was able to actually sit the exam. It’s definitely not an overnight process nor an easy feat to get to this stage. This blog is titled “Hannah’s journey” not just to track my building journey, but my real estate journey in general-- and it certainly has been a journey!

3. Application for Membership and License

Successful candidates after passing the exam must apply for membership to the Bahamas Real Estate Association (BREA) as well as submit an application for a salesman license. BREA will want to verify that candidates have good character and are eligible to be a member of the organization trusted to assist clients with such large transactions. It is a huge responsibility that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

4. Welcome to the industry!

Once the application has been approved, membership and licensing fees are due, after which one can finally become a licensed Real Estate Salesman in The Bahamas. Along with the title comes trust from clients that agents will have the knowledge and skills necessary to handle their real estate transactions with care and diligence.

Shows like Netflix’ Million Dollar Beach House have made real estate an even more popular field that people are turning to for careers. It offers great flexibility and great rewards, but those don’t come without extremely hard work considering that it’s fully commission-based. Though it’s a big responsibility, assisting people with finding their dream space can be rewarding if you have a heart for helping others. To push forward in real estate, you definitely need a passion for the work and industry. If you're in the market to buy or sell or even have general real estate questions, send me an email at and let's get your own real estate journey started today.

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