Berry Islands Bucketlist

Updated: Mar 8

Once the paradisaical getaway of choice for the rich and famous, the Berry Islands have now gained a reputation as the best kept secret in The Bahamas for travelers of all budgets. Sure, many of our beautiful island chains could say the same for themselves, but with a population of under 800, over 30 cays to explore and a convenient location sitting directly between the edge of Florida and 50 miles off of the Bahamian capital city of Nassau, the Berry Islands are a quiet, quintessential tropical haven. Here are some of the must-see sights throughout the Berries:

Sugar Beach, Great Harbour Cay

With one of the highest and prettiest points on the largest cay in the island chain, Sugar Beach is one of the most underrated spots in The Bahamas. Rarely can you find such an unspoiled site of cliffs, caves and a stunning seaside, often with the whole area to yourself to explore. Hello, social distancing with a view!

Chub Cay, “The Billfish Capital of The Bahamas”

Chub Cay is renowned for its record-breaking fishing. In these waters, you can find bonefish, mahi mahi and more. Surrounded by an array of fish and stunning crystal blue waters, Chub Cay is every fisherman’s dream-come-true.

Source: MakersAir

Shark Creek and Shelling Beach, Great Harbour Cay

On the opposite end of the cay to Sugar Beach, you can find this special sand bank with miles of powdery white sand on a breathtaking blue-water backdrop. This is the perfect spot for a romantic stroll, taking the kids to collect shells as souvenirs from a memorable excursion, or if you're like me, taking advantage of the open space to pose up for "the 'Gram".

Blue Hole, Hoffman’s Cay

With a 20 foot cliff to jump off of, this 600 foot-wide blue hole is an adrenaline junkie’s dream come true. If you’ve been basking in tranquility while visiting the Berries, this is the perfect spot to get a good dose of daredevil energy to check all the boxes before completing your trip.


Bardot Beach, Great Harbour Cay

This secluded area was named following rumors that Brigitte Bardot used to spend her days skinny dipping here. Though less busy today, this beach cove has maintained its charming privacy; being nestled away, it’s perfect for taking a minute to connect with nature and foster precious memories to last a lifetime. A large section of this special beach is actually up for sale (pictured above), presenting an awesome opportunity to build a dream beach getaway. Send me an email at for more information on how to make this special lot yours!

Each of the Berries have their own charm to offer, but as the largest island in the chain, the tranquility of a walk along Great Harbour Cay’s seven mile beach surrounded by unbeatable blues boasts an experience that will have you wanting to stay forever, and it's just a 15 minute flight away!

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