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If I ran a Real Estate Company this is what I’d do:

Do you know what makes me feel at home? The clean scent of ivory dish soap, that may not be typical, but there’s something about that cleaning product that takes me back to a simpler time. Actually, many of the good memories that I hold are associated with a feeling; not necessarily a specific occasion or experience but a warm sensation. Isn’t it so true though, that people may not remember what we say to them but how we made them feel? That feeling is very important to me and by extension is imperative to any business dealings that I have. With that being said, what would I do if I ran a Real Estate company; I’ll tell you.

First, of course, is creating an experience, a feeling. A business is a brand, but so are you! Ergo, we don’t only sell our products; we sell ourselves. From the minute a client steps foot in any establishment to the moment he or she leaves, the goal should be to leave an indelible mark on his or her brain, both through words and actions. Therefore, I think that it should be mandatory that each agent receives proper customer service training. We all know the uneasy feeling of having a negative customer experience and sis that “ain’t” it! Thus, we put ourselves in the shoes of our customers and make them feel at home. I’d take them to the beach, or maybe a café, heck I’d take them to Bamboo, just somewhere that they would feel comfortable. Really, I’d be willing to explore many options, possibly even engaging a focus group in order to ascertain what my clients really want. The only memories that I want my clients to associate with my business are pleasant ones. Investing in your future is serious business but there’s no reason why it can’t be enjoyable, and that’s my job!

This segues into something else that is also on top of my list; employee/employer relations. When we think of the backbone of an establishment we often think of the patrons. However, what about the employees? Oftentimes overworked and underpaid, it becomes a dreary existence. That’s a no for me; treating workers with respect makes for a better business. Consequently, I’d put measures in place to make sure that those in my employ would feel a sense of proprietorship; that they would have ample opportunities to learn, and that they would feel a sense of fulfillment in their work. Basically, there would never be a doubt in their minds as to whether or not they were valued members of the establishment.

I’ll end on this note; knowledge is power! If I knew five years ago the things that I know today, I would make many changes. Today’s youth are as close to a time machine as I’m going to get. I would help them by educating them; going to schools, holding seminars, empowering them so that they can invest in their futures. It has been said that the average Bahamian doesn’t have $1,000.00 in his or her bank account. It would be unfair to paint everyone with the same brush but I want to break the cycle by helping to create a new generation of financially literate, independent people.

For me, business is all about the experience; when we take on a new client we take on an obligation to help them reach a destination. It’s not just about the destination though, it’s about the journey. Yes, if I ran a real estate company that’s what I would do, I’d make you feel just how I feel when I get a whiff of that good old Ivory dish soap.

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