Lights On, Lights Off

Hi there! It’s been a while, but that just means I have a lot to update you on.

My first blog post on Major Cay was February 6th, 2021. Since then, readers like yourself have followed me through the many highs and arguably even more lows of building a home for the first time. The undoubtedly most challenging part of this (other than the high costs, of course), was getting my electricity turned on. In fact it’s been so challenging, I thought in my post from January 31st that it would’ve been on somewhere around this point, yet my labor of love and cement sat in the dark for 6 months after that.

Finally, I have some great news. After months of back and forth with the Ministry of Works, I finally got my Occupancy Certificate and my BPL electricity supply was switched on soon after. It really felt like pulling teeth - so much anticipation and occasional pain for a long time, just for it to finally be done with a quick pop at the end. Either way, I’m glad to say I’m finally at a point where I can confidently move forward.

And speaking of moving forward, I have some bittersweet news. 1 OAK Bahamas has been my real estate home since I began my apprenticeship and my beloved brokerage since getting my license. I’ve loved working with my colleagues and linking my clients with their perfect new spaces. But like building, a real estate career is a journey, and mine has led me to join the marketing team at a new brokerage. I’ll soon have a new personal home for myself, as well as a new agency to call home.

I will still be ready to assist you on your own real estate journey, just under a different name. Feel free to get in touch with me at and follow my social media pages (@bahhannah_), because Hannah’s Journey continues! Nevertheless, for now, that’s lights off on Hannah’s Journey’s tab on Major Cay. Thanks again for following me thus far and I hope you’ll continue to wherever life may lead to!

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