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PP Guide No.15: How to Close Quickly?

If you have lined your ducks up then you are prepared for an expeditious closing. The two important team members in a quick closing are the mortgage representative and your attorney, hence why it’s extremely important to choose them wisely. Here are some things you can do to help “put fire under their feet”.

Get them digits

If you can have the mobile contacts of the professionals this will help you reach them at all times to confirm the current status of the transaction.

Weekly Email Update

With both members of what we’ll call your closing team in copy send an email to find out where you are in the process at the time.


At contract signing be sure to get a realistic time-line from both professionals for every stage of the transaction. So when you are at the conveyance stage you can refer to your timeline email to confirm that your attorney is sticking to his own pre-defined timelines.

Carbon Copy

If the introduction was made through the branch manager of the bank or not copy them in email to ensure that your rep is doing everything they can in the most efficient manner. Application submission delays can considerably affect your closing timeline. Let’s find out how you can avoid losing your deposit in the next article.

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