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PP Guide No.4: How to find & Interview an Agent

You’re making progress and maybe you see the benefit in choosing an agent and delegating this inventory management task to someone else who works for free, for you. But now how do you find an agent in Bahamas Real Estate who is going to get this done for you.

Well you want an agent who works in the arena of property you are looking for, whether it’s a single family home, condo, multifamily or commercial real estate. Our team has specialist in all these areas mentioned and would be glad to help in your search for perfection. But if you decide not to use our team here are some good options to consider. Visit websites and see if any photo or bio peaks your interest. When you’ve found 3-5 agents who from their bio seems like they could help now is time for the email to telephone interview.

Sample Agent Email

Hi there hope all is well I just found your details on your company website and was looking for an agent to help my family find the perfect property. My name is ____________ and we are looking for (here is where you detail your search criteria). We would like to be under contract within the next ____________ days with hopes of closing in 45 days. We have our financing already secured and are qualified for ________________. Can you let us know; What makes you different from other agents? What kind of properties do you most usually sell? How long have you been in Bahamas Real Estate? Are you the best at your company? Are you full-time? We really want someone who is going to make our search a priority and gets back to us in an efficient manner. We are available to talk more about what we are looking for at (phone number and email) and hope to hear back soon. Send this same email to all the agents you identified as having potential and wait for the responses. More often than not the first one to respond is probably the most efficient. It’s amazing how we don’t interview the professionals we are paying to do business with. This is possibly the biggest transaction of your life, you don’t want to leave to a rookie you want a pro on the job.

How my team can help

But look, I am trying so hard to not include a shameless plug here as I know that our team has the qualities and skill necessary to help you find your perfect property but I want to make sure we give you all the options. Any company agent or person that takes the time to create this amount of content to help buyers says something about them. If you don’t decide to do business with us we sincerely wish you all the best, we want nothing less than perfection for you and your family and so anything that gets you there is awesome. I am personally available to help you make sound decisions in real estate whether they benefit me and my company or not. Okay my friends, we are making great progress if you have been using these articles as a guide to finding your perfect property. If you wanted to have a quick chat now feel free to reach out to me or any of our team members directly or give me a call if you had a question, query or concern I maybe able to help with. Whats the next step, well we want to take some time to tell you about the best kept secret in Bahamas Real Estate, “Buyers Agency”.

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