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What do Agents really do? For Landlords

Many clients who haven't worked with agencies to help them rent their property are uncertain about what value a real estate agent brings in their effort to find suitable tenants. Well here are a couple things we do.

List & Market

Firstly we market your property to prospective clients. Most agents have a directory of clients and industry partners who are actively working with clients looking for suitable properties. In your effort to find the best tenant you need to market to the widest audience and real estate agents, more often than not, employ more rental marketing strategies than most landlords don't even know about. We offer real estate photography and videography services as a part of our service in marketing the property.


Because most landlords are busy people, working and making money they don't have time to, especially on short notice, show the unit to prospective tenants at times convenient for the client.

Vetting, Contracts, & Closing

This is a big one, we provide tenant applications that we'll have every serious prospect fill for your file and review. We provide an attorney approved rental/lease agreement that protects your interests first. Lastly we help onboard your new tenant, assisting with letters for local utility providers.

We're here to help. The fee for helping through the rental process is the equivalent of one month's rent for the respective unit. This fee is subject to value added tax, therefore a 12% tax is added to that fee. One way to look at this is, if your unit goes un-rented for more than one month you've essentially paid our fee.

If you'd like our help in renting your property feel free to reach out to us to get started.

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