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5 Ways to Succeed as a Solo Agent in 2021

The year is 2021. You’re well on your way to building your dream business: One without the limitations of a ceiling. You’re rereading Keller Williams founder and KWx executive chairman Gary Keller’s bestselling book, The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, and taking in the clues that successful agents have left behind. Scaling is in your future: just not quite yet. If you’re entering the year as a solo agent without access to human leverage, you can create an unflappable business foundation by tapping into multiple systems and tools. Here are five ways to succeed as a solo agent in 2021 and lay the foundation for a strong business and create scalable success.

1. Set up strong systems.

The Millionaire Real Estate Agent can help you lay the groundwork for your own accomplishments by slowing down and looking at the models/systems successful agents have employed.

“The reality about using models is that if you begin with creativity and then try to add a model, or if you try to add creativity to a model you haven’t fully implemented, you risk rendering the model completely ineffective,” Keller writes. “The truth is that when you add creativity to a practiced and proven model, you will always have a much greater chance of achieving your highest possible results.”

When looking at your systems, think of them as the living, breathing part of your business. The MREA goes deep into the ins and outs of building a bigger business, but it all starts with your own mindset and goals. What do you want to accomplish?

As 2021 approaches, consider creating a 1-3-5 GPS, or goals, priorities, and strategies document: one number you can attain in your transactions, three priorities for the year, and five strategies that you can achieve for each priority. Once you have your big yearly plan, get into the nooks and crannies of your strategy by creating a 411, with monthly, weekly, and daily task lists.

2. Master marketing. (And enlist some help!)

Marketing does not have to be an intimidating term if you are a solo agent. The most important part of your efforts should be marketing yourself: something that is achievable even without a large budget at your disposal. KW Luxury’s director of growth, Brady Sandahl, shares his low-cost, high-return marketing mindset:

  1. Know your buyers: who they are, where they are coming from, what they are buying, why they are buying it, and at what price point they are buying it.

  2. Figure out how to be the connector between those buyers and the inventory that is on the shelf. “This doesn’t cost you anything – just time,” he says.

  3. In marketing yourself, lead with impeccable service. “When you deliver phenomenal service, more business will show up,” Sandahl says. “I think people can get in trouble when they spend a lot of money marketing, but the service doesn’t back up the message.”

Spread the message of your service further by creating a well-rounded brand for yourself on social media and through email marketing. Between Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and YouTube, there are a variety of platforms that can help you spread the message of your brand further, faster. The team at KWRI is here to provide the latest tips that will help you find success and connect with your sphere on each individual platform. Keller Williams agents can also tap into additional offerings within the KW MarketPlace. With professional services such as Market My Listing, agents can cut through the noise of their competition by receiving listing materials expertly crafted for every channel, high-converting print and social campaigns, and more.

3. Stay top-of-mind with your sphere.

Make 2021 the year when you become intentional about staying connected to your sphere. There are a variety of ways in which you can provide value and stay top-of-mind with those who matter the most.

Here are a few ideas that have proven successful among top Keller Williams solo agents:

  • Monthly marketing newsletters

  • Biweekly neighborhood updates

  • Thank-you notes

  • Zoom calls featuring experts offering value for the current environment. (e.g., mental wellness professionals)

  • A Reverse BOLD where agents get clients to participate in a contest to earn a prize in exchange for their contact information

If you’re a KW agent, we recommend hitting the ultimate easy button, SmartPlans to automate your client communication and touches.

4. Keep your motivation.

You’ve probably already identified your big why (and if you haven’t, that’s step one!). If you understand your purpose for doing what you do, everything will fall into place much more naturally. How will you be able to maintain this motivation going into 2021? Here are some ideas:

  • Reread your goals every morning

  • Get clear on what you want your business to look like in 30, 60, and 90 days

  • Get intentional on the type of educational material you want to consume: What will you read? What will you listen to? What will you watch? Focus on those specific materials, and tune out the rest of the noise. To kick you off, may we humbly suggest Gary Keller’s very own “Think Like a CEO” podcast.

For more motivation, check out these hacks and habits to keep you moving forward, courtesy of top agent and KW MAPS Coach Cody Gibson. Or, take a deeper dive into Outfront’s coaching content library:

5. Put technology to work.

Riding solo might seem like an overwhelming amount of work, but going into 2021, aim to work smarter, not harder. At Keller Williams, you gain full and free access to Command, a platform that puts agents in full control of their database, business, and future. By leveraging this tool, agents are able to reduce their technology costs, streamline conversations among their sphere of influence, and organize information logistically, leaving room for focus on the things that matter.

Gain immediate value with Command by adding your contacts to a biweekly neighborhood SmartPlan or employ Designs to create beautiful graphics and social media posts that show your clients you care.

Now that you’re armed with the information you need to take control of your solo business in 2021, it’s time to go forth and conquer the year. What are the first steps you will take? Let us know in the comment section below.

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