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Bahamian Women in Real Estate - Dwaynecia Knowles

My focus on this post from my Bahamian Women In Real Estate Series is now on 1 OAK Bahamas’ very own Dwaynecia “Niecy” Knowles.

Niecy has been in the real estate industry for 8 years, firstly as an office assistant in a real estate firm and later getting her license in 2018. At an extremely impressive speed, she quickly became a top producer for the year at her current firm, 1 OAK Bahamas. She is skilled in a variety of real estate activities but truly stands out in rentals, being passionate about bringing tenants and landlords together with their perfect matches. Niecy places great importance on honesty, hard work, and good customer service. What helps her to stand out in any transaction is the level of personal care she gives to each client.

I spoke to Dwaynecia to get insight on the following topics:

  1. What would you say is the most important factor when helping a tenant to find a rental and helping a landlord to get their property rented? I think the most important thing is to listen carefully to and understand their needs. When looking for an apartment for a tenant or a suitable tenant for a landlord I find out what they will not compromise on. Once that is determined, I try to find options that fit those needs.

2. How do client interactions differ for rentals versus sales, if at all?

In my experience, it hasn't been a huge difference. When someone is renting they want the property to make them feel safe and comfortable for the time they will be there. So they want and expect their realtors to find properties that accommodate that need. Buyers want the same. If I had to pick a difference, I would say because rental properties are a temporary arrangement, interactions are not as long and tenants will be more willing to compromise on one or two things. On the other hand, because purchasing a property is a much bigger and longer-term investment, buyers and their realtors spend more time talking and viewing properties, as the buyer tries to aim to get as close to their perfect property as they can.

3. What do you think played the biggest role in you achieving such a high level of success in the industry so quickly?

I do not feel as though I have achieved a “high level of success”. The little that I accomplished was not quick either. I struggled a lot in the beginning. Still, there is so much more that I need to learn and so many things I need to improve on. I look for ways to improve every day. I watch other realtors and see how they handle situations and learn from them. I take suggestions from current and potential clients. I learn from my mistakes. And last I try to be myself and remain honest in everything I do and I let God do the rest.

4. Any advice to someone just starting or considering becoming an agent?

If anyone is considering becoming an agent I would say go for it, but do not expect it to be easy. You definitely will have to find your niche in this industry when you do, focus on that. In the meantime don’t get discouraged, keep asking questions, try different avenues of real estate and look for ways to improve. Remember in everything you do what you put in is what you will get out. So if you put in the work you will reap the benefits.

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