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Buy your own Private Island in The Bahamas

You can own your very own slice of Caribbean paradise.

Little Ragged Island in the Bahamas, also known as St. Andrew’s, is for sale.

The 730-acre-island boasts freshwater ponds, snorkeling and sailing opportunities.

And as a bonus, there are flamingos.

If you like your privacy, your nearest neighbor is a 10-minute boat ride away.

The island is on sale through Concierge Auctions, a U.S. real estate company that sells properties to the highest bidder.

To join the auction, you’ll need a $100,000 deposit.

The island is listed for $19.5 million, but there’s no minimum bid.

The auction opens on March 26 and closes on March 31.

Brokers have reported a huge spike in demand for private islands since the pandemic started.


If you're interested in a buying a private island real estate please click the link below to see all our private islands for sale in the Bahamas.

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