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Major Cay: Buying Real Estate in 2021

In 2021, the world has changed, but so many things remain the same. One of the things that have changed is spending consciousness. People have become more particular on where they spend, who they spend with, and how they spend it.

We’re about to let you know the insider secrets to buying real estate in The Bahamas. But let’s start with a truth of every buyer of anything, you want service, real plain and simple customer service.

I hate going to my favourite fast food spot, or anywhere for that matter, and being reminded of how much service, good service is lacking, notes Matt Sweeting CEO of 1 OAK BAhamas.

Here are 5 major keys to Buying in the “New Normal.”

1. Goal Setting

It all starts with a goal. There’s a saying that, “people that do and don’t set a goal both reach it”,

that was deep, let that sink in. You need to determine what your long term real estate goal is. The first major key is finding a qualified team member to help you reach your long term real estate goal. What do you want, where do you want to be, and how does real estate play into that? Ask those questions, sit with your partner and give this some real thought.

2. Finding Your Agent for Life (YAFL)

Your first strategic move is finding a qualified real estate team member, someone who can help you navigate the industry, with professionalism, comprehensive market knowledge, rapport, and here’s a major cay, someone with the right balance of aggression, negotiation and reliability to help push you toward the goal.

Want more details on how exactly to do this read “interviewing an agent” on

3. Research & Development

If the goal you set is big, if it helps bring you happiness, and money you need to learn about it. Maybe you said you want to own a home, or set of apartments or flip property, well you need to learn, you need to ‘study and show yourself approved.’ Your AFL, your go-to agent can help you get started. You need to research the listings that are available that fit your criteria, you need to know who has the most favourable lending terms for buyers like you, you need to know what the closing costs are to buying and much more. We’re trying to keep this short, but there’s so much more you could research to help you.

Ask Your Agent for Life, what else you need to know to help you reach the goal?

4. Test the Market

No matter where you are in the buying process even if your just window shopping, go look at real estate. Realtors generally hate this major cay because it’s essentially a waste of their time if you aren’t actively looking now. but not the 1 OAK Experts, we’re about long term relationships, long term business.We appreciate that sometimes you have to window shop to know what’s out there, to learn more about properties, the industry and the process.


A good agent can with market data and knowledge help you make an awesome offer on the property of your choice. Covid has given prospective buyers yet another angle to help negotiation.

Learn our negotiation tactics we use to help clients save thousands in our perfect property guide.


What’s all this for if the end goal isn’t to buy? Those of an older generation have lead us to believe that buy and hold is the only reals estate strategy, if you think about your parents that own their own home, it was likely the first home they purchased and the home they still own today. We generally believe that real estate should be used strategically to help people like you climb the economic ladder, meaning that you should aim to buy and sell, over and over and over again.

But to do this it all starts with a goal and finding Your Agent for Life, fortunately for you, we wrote this article so we wouldn’t be hard to find.

Get on a call with a 1 OAK Expert today to talk more about how we can help you reach your real estate goal.

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