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My biggest real estate mistake: David Barry II

I recently launched a audio series on Linked In aptly called Linked Up where we interview our professional connections on the platform. The first conversation was with a hotel executive who surprisingly had regrets about buying real estate at 23.

On the heels of our recent series on Buying and Building at 23 I found this funny but also intriguing. But David shared some information I think could help so many people.

Listen to the entire episode here but here are they key takeaways

Calculate the Costs

David talks about how he qualified to Buy this property but didn't have the qualification to build the kind of building that development called for. He talked about how this set him back on his real estate investment journey.

What to Buy

He talked about what he'd buy if he could do it all over again, you'll be interested in hearing his feedback here. I totally agreed.

Advise to Young Buyers

He advises young buyers get an agent who can help the make better decisions and how the strategies he would have implemented to save more. Also about how young people spend so much money on material things that have no long term value.

It's definitely worth a listen check it out the full interview here.

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