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PP Guide No.10: Making the Deposit

While preparing this I was wondering if this was even worth writing about as it seems like a very simple step. If you have been able to save over fifteen thousand, you more than likely have gotten a draft before, but in case you haven’t, let's run through it.

Wherever the main institution you’ve trust to keep your bag, your money, mula, your cake, visit them and let them know you need a bank draft otherwise known as a cashier’s check. This usually costs less than ten dollars for the service, but they will want to know who should the check be made out to. You should make this check out to the firm of the attorney you have selected to represent you. Now this step can happen at two different stages in the process, one, when you start to get your ducks in a row you can do this then even before you make an offer or even started looking for your perfect property. Secondly you can do this at the stage where you’ve made an offer on the perfect property. One of these ways holds a great advantage, negotiation. We mentioned this in our article “How to get the best Price” where presenting your offer with a confirmation from your attorney of deposit gives you an extreme advantage over preparing it after an accepted offer. ​You are one step closer to owning your perfect property but now you are about to enter a scarier part than this one where you had to entrust your life savings to another person, the contract. Let’s talk about what you need to look for in a sales agreement.

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