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PP Guide No.13: How to Get the Best Mortgage?

Once you have all the required documentation then you can start looking for financing options. More often than not buyer may only work with the bank their salary is paid through or one they have a past relationship with but this may not be the best way to approach financing.

You are looking for a bank that will serve you best, with competitive terms, minimal penalties, and minimal upfront costs. Fortunately the way to find out what every bank is offering there are free professionals who do this for you, a mortgage broker. A mortgage broker is paid by the bank to help find suitable candidates for mortgages. He has agreements with all banks and there can guide you in determining who has the best terms for you.

At my agency 1 OAK Bahamas we know how important this is the client but also us the agents and so we hired an in-house mortgage broker who helps our clients succeed at getting the best available mortgage options in the marketplace.

Our in-house mortgage broker is Keith Albury, feel free to call him for help and guidance. His number is 525-9133 and email is

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