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PP Guide No.14: How the get the best price on an appraisal?

This is starting to be repetitive are finding the best and best priced professionals to spend our money with the process remains the same.

It's considered a conflict of interest to use an agency involved in the transaction to prepare the appraisal as they have a vested interest in the sale and so you may need to comparison shop for the best price again. Your buyer’s agent can definitely refer some of the better company’s to you for this. You will also need to confirm that the company you've chosen to prepare the appraisal report is on the approve appraiser list for the bank you have chosen to go with.

The bank want a current appraisal report that bears your name to confirm the property's value. ​Some of the company’s that are on almost all of the banks lists are, JM Appraisers, Bahamas Realty, & TR & Associates to name a few. After you have selected the company pay for your appraisal agent you report. Also be sure to confirm the turn-around time for completion an appraisal report. Let's find out how you can close as quick as possible, read it here now.

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