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Selling Real Estate in 2021

As we start many of our posts and all of our objectives as a company is a goal, a milestone or ambition we hope to reach after doing certain steps and selling real estate is no exception.

1.Set the Goal

Why are you selling, what’s your goal? Is it, downsizing, getting rid of an asset you can no longer manage, or selling for profit, whatever your destination you want to reach write it down. It gives you a clear and definable bullseye to aim and reach.

2. To list or not to list?

Some people really need to give thought to, to list or not to list, with dollars being so tight, this is a real question. That is a topic within itself and so if you’d like more info on that click here to get some helpful advice on either option.

3. Choosing an Agent?

Studies show that most people only know by name between 1 and 3 agents and more often than not choose the first agent they make contact with, and we understand that it’s the path of least resistance. BUT, capital but with every other comparable decision you go through painstaking research, obtain second opinions and shop around. You look at multiple car lots, you see a few doctors before deciding on one for surgery, you looked at multiple properties before buying therefore choosing an agent should require similar scrutiny.

Have they sold homes like yours, are they licensed & full-time, what is their sale strategy for selling your home, theses are all questions worth asking someone who will help you achieve this big goal.

Getting the highest price, marketing to the widest market, use best practices are strategies not every person calling themselves a realtor has, choose wisely seller beware.


This is kinda like goal setting but different in that we’re at a different stage. Now you know what the end goal is, you’ve decided to list and you’ve even chosen the person to do it now comes some hard work. You need to have your agent create a sales and marketing timeline that you can hold them accountable to as many agents drop the ball after you sign on the dotted line. Then you need to find out what you can do to help make your home more sellable, maybe paint, stage, declutter, or something else but if you chose wisely they should know exactly what to do to help you here.

Choosing a reputable agent and agency is a major cay as you should seriously consider as a part of your strategy to offer unaccompanied access. This allows the agent whose full-time job is showing property to show on a moments notice, it allows the prospective buyer to see the home without you in it a major cay to success.

5. Lawyer

A major cay to selling is choosing the right legal representative and this in itself is a whole topic but not to fear we wrote it already you can read our full insider strategy in our downloadable perfect property guide by clicking here. Here’s what we will say about it though, “your team needs to be tight and needs to be right”, does that make sense? A lawyer who specialises in real estate, doesn’t do much if any litigation (representing clients in court) and will make your goal a priority is another major cay to your success.

So there you have it 5 Major Cays to Success in selling Bahamas Real Estate.

Contact us now for more info.

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