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The Life of an Agent

I cannot quite pinpoint exactly when I took an interest in real estate, but I believe my life and work experiences have prepared me for this industry and I am enjoying the journey.

Having a proclivity for stewardship, I find that service is the main crux of being an agent.

Embracing with open arms the challenges that come with the goal helping people achieve their dream of owning real estate is rewarding beyond the financial gain.

The real estate industry and the success of it is as much about people as it is about property. As agents we seek to meet people who are desirous of selling or renting their property then match that property with the right buyer or renter. Sounds simple enough but then there is in between.

  • “What is your budget” - We must ensure (as best as possible) that buyers/renters are able to afford the property they want. While having to ask about preapproval, financing, or employment can be uncomfortable at times, it is necessary to give everyone what they want.

  • “Make an offer” - Typically, a buyer will want to offer less than the asking and this is where the brokering part of the transaction happens. Ultimately having both parties agree to a price quickly is great however, once there is a stalemate it is time to move on and look for other potential buyers.

  • After there is a successful agreement the lawyers and bankers take over and although this is when the agents should step aside often, I find that I am communicating with all parties to keep the transaction on track trying to ensure that everybody wins.

Those few points can become very intricate depending on the people involved but that only adds to experience for me. I believe one of the greatest pleasures in life is meeting new people and learning life though their experiences. Hearing about their desires and ambitions also help with being better able to find them exactly what they need in a home or investment property which, often changes based on what is available in the market.

It is gratifying to hear the words, “thank you Ms. Dorsett for all your help”. It affirms that I am on the right path and gets me going when I may not always feel I can. It keeps me pushing to learn and grow from being an agent to salesperson to becoming an expert in real estate.

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