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The Property Virgins - Keith Roye: Choosing My Lot

With the introduction of the new Major Cay series: The Property Virgins, 1OAK Bahamas welcomes its new contributor and active buyer – Keith Roye to detail his real estate experience. He has produced his first video, in which he outlines three reasons why he decided to purchase his lot. This series promises to both educate and entertain as Keith shares his exciting journey.

1. Price

First, and maybe most importantly Keith mentioned pricing. All too often this plays a major role in what a buyer can procure, be it something as simple as a next meal or as weighty as the lot he or she may choose. Keith, however, summed it up in a straightforward way when he said, “you can only purchase what you can afford.”

2. Location

A Nassau native; Keith is no stranger to the more desirable areas on the island. His preference was in the west and that preference was realized. He even went further in saying that he was interested in a gated community because of the potential advantages involved, namely lot appreciation.

3. The lot shape

The final determining factor for Keith was the configuration of his lot. While on paper a variety of shapes could appear appealing he explained how the shape of a lot could limit building plans. Fortunately for Keith, he was able to find a lot that is rectangular, thus giving him the freedom to build exactly how he wants to.

Keith ended the first installment of this series by summarizing the determining factors that influenced his decision and sharing the exciting news that he was able to purchase a multi-family lot! But, he also left a nugget of wisdom in there encouraging young Bahamians to, “invest early in multi-family lots because [they] can pay very good dividends…” Sage advice from "Property Virgin" Keith Roye. To continue following Keith's journey, subscribe to 1OAK Bahamas' Major Cay website.

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