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What a Real Estate Agent Can Do For a Seller

Following my previous post about buyers, this week in my “What Can A Real Estate Agent Do For You?” series I’m shifting focus to the vendor’s side of a sale transaction. Here’s what we can do for you:

As a seller

The most glaringly obvious benefit to a seller working with a real estate agent is that the agent will have quicker access to buyers in the market for such properties and become the procuring cause of the sale, either through expansive marketing including open houses or by having a qualified buyer already within their radar. Buyers will generally trust an agent’s advice in their property search and may feel more comfortable going ahead with such a large transaction with an industry professional guiding them and acting as a middleman between the parties.

Throughout the process, the seller’s agent can also assist with advice such as reasonably pricing the property based on market info, suggesting lawyers and appraisers to work with and negotiating on selling terms. Like a buyer’s agent, a seller’s agent can also assist with negotiating terms on behalf of the seller. Remember while the buyer will naturally want to buy for as low as possible, the seller will want to maximize their profit from the sale. Coming to a mutually agreeable decision can be difficult and helps when there’s an industry professional advising both sides in the negotiation.

A seller’s agent should be highly professional, a great negotiator and communicator and a top-notch marketer. At 1 OAK, we have agents ready to assist you with all the above and more. Get in touch with one of our experts now to get the ball rolling on achieving your current real estate aspirations.

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