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What a Real Estate Agent Can Do For a Tenant

The Bahamian rental market can be a bit of a tough one: the demand is usually much higher than the supply, and the best-priced properties in ideal locations fly off the market quickly. Working with an agent to find your ideal rental can ensure that you don’t miss out on the best rentals and can take away the stress of scouring the market to find one within your budget and preferred location yourself, as well as giving you access to more properties than would be as easily accessible to the general public.

The basis of every rental transaction is that a tenant needs a space to live or operate their business and the landlord needs a return on their investment. Both parties should be able to come to a reasonable, mutual agreement so that both needs are met. While the landlord’s agent will advocate for them finding a suitable tenant at the asking rental rate, the tenant’s agent will assist their client with finding a suitable property within budget and advocate on your behalf to ensure the landlord’s agent that you are a suitable tenant.

Another upside to working with an agent as a tenant is that there’s no downside for you: landlords pay agents their commission once a rental transaction is completed, meaning that tenants don’t pay us themselves. Having someone assist you getting into your perfect space at zero cost to you sounds like a great deal to me.

Looking for a rental? Check out the rentals at or send me an email at so that I can start assisting you today.

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