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PP Guide No. 2: How to find the Perfect Property?

Well this is the whole key to this entire plan finding a property that you and your family will find fulfillment in. An investment that will appreciate over time and meet the needs of your family. This article will simply talk about ways to find a property that will meet those needs in an objective way. Full disclosure I am a real estate agent and want your business but I want you to be aware of all methods of finding the perfect property.

Newspaper Everyday there are tons of real estate for sale by the owners or by agents this is a strategy some have used to find property. This requires diligence buying papers regularly and keeping up to date on the ones you’ve called and the ones left to see. Online It could be facebook groups, WhatsApp groups, that you go to to find your perfect property, maybe not the best but you can maybe maybe maybe find your perfect property there. Drive-bys No not that kind of drive by but a strategy you may use is to drive by areas that you like in hopes of finding homes that have for sale signs posted.

Referral Let people you know help you in your property search, we as Bahamians are always amazed and afraid at the same time about how small the country is, let’s use that to our advantage to find the perfect property. While the best strategy for finding the perfect property, in my opinion, is not mentioned above I wanted to give you the full run down on strategies you have at your disposal in your search. So what is my best strategy for finding perfection well shamelessly I have to say its using an agent the benefits are far superior to anything mentioned here.

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