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PP Guide No. 3: Why an Agent for Life?

In our last post, “How to find the perfect property” we talked a number of strategies you can use to find perfection but concluded that having an agent might be the best way to go for a number of reasons. With an agent you get the benefit of all those other strategies and someone to find you more inventory to view. The name of the game in finding perfection is inventory seeing as many homes that fit your specifications as possible. The strategies mentioned in our last article won’t give you the widest inventory. Let’s highlight some other reasons why this is the best way to go. The Bahamas MLS As only agents have access to the private information listed on the Bahamas MLS anyone can see the public site to see every exclusively listed property on the island, a huge inventory. But that private information offers details like how many day on market, the price changes since it was listed and what other properties like this sold for. This information is key in getting the best price. Market Knowledge As it is their business agents have this unique value proposition that sets them apart from the friends, family and colleagues you may have had help you in your search. Delegation Again in our last post we mentioned a number of strategies you might employ to find your perfect property but all of those put you in the driver seat, and has you doing all the heavy lifting, the use an agent strategy delegates that to a professional who ha built their career on matching homes and buyers. And the service is free of charge and so you get help, assistance and professionalism at not cost to you. It just makes sense. ​Hope that makes sense, next we will talk about, “How to choose and interview an agent”.

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