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PP Guide No. 5: What is a Buyer's Agent?

A buyer's agent is a real estate agent or broker who represents the buyer's fiduciary interests in a real estate transaction. That word fiduciary maybe another word that we don’t hear often so let’s define that also...

Based on this definition a buyers agent committed to helping you achieve your interests above all else, they are committed to your success. But did you know that when you see a listing with the listing agent of the property its like going into a six figure court case and choosing to represent yourself even when you can get a qualified attorney for free. Their attorney is giving them all the tools they need to get the highest price and doing all they can to serve the clients interests, but you go to see it with this same agent whose commitment is to the seller, see the problem? A buyer’s agent is committed to helping you at all costs but for no cost, what does that mean? Well the sellers are paying a real estate commission that will compensate the agent working to sell the home and the buyer’s agent you chose to serve your interests. This is the best kept secret in the country and one you now know, use it to your advantage. Now that we have answered that and talks about the benefits of using on, let’s get into see strategies about viewing properties.

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