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PP Guide No. 7: How to make a Decision?

So you have seen a number of properties and you are trying to decide which one should I go with. I suggest having at least two properties that you really like to help make this process go smoothly.

This also helps you in the event one of the properties don’t work out for one reason or the next. But assuming you have at least two strong options to consider, then we now need to make a list of priorities like location (proximity to family, work or school) price to value ratio (meaning that a house that is worth 250k is being sold for 200k), age of the home, lovable ratio (how much do you and your family love the property), post-purchase investment (how much money would you have to invest after the purchase) Price (How close the price is to what you want to spend) Appreciation potential (Is the neighborhood going up or down) and what ever else is important to you. Measure these different parameters on a scale from one to ten and see what they score have this help make the determination for you. ​But don’t disregard what you heart is telling you, sometimes while it doesn’t make sense on paper it makes your heart happy and that’s what’s most important. Getting back to the owners quickly is a sign of seriousness and can considerably affect the price you can get so send and offer in soon, but wait the way you do this is very important, let move to the next step of getting the best price with an amazing offer.

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