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What a Real Estate Agent Can Do For a Landlord

So far in my “what can an agent do for..?” series, I’ve covered our services to buyers, sellers and tenants. Below, I cover some of the benefits to a landlord of working with an agent to find a suitable tenant for their property.

As a landlord

Like the seller’s agent, a landlord’s agent can bring them a tenant who’s looking for this exact kind of property at the right time. An agent will have the means to reach a wider range of potential tenants who are actively searching for the landlord’s type of property. Many tenants may also be more trustworthy entering a lease agreement knowing that there’s a professional (being the agent) acting as a middleman between them to ensure each party’s interests are protected properly.

Moreover, if a landlord chooses to be less hands-on during the tenancy, they can also hire the agent as a property manager to handle ongoing relations with the tenant such as upkeeping of maintenance and collecting monthly rent. Once an agreement has been made between a potential tenant and landlord, an agent will collect and hold the initial deposit as well as assisting with preparing the lease agreement.

Ready to rent out your space but don’t know where to start? Send me an email at and let’s get started on finding a perfectly matched tenant.

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